Do you have what it takes to SOLVE our ROOMS?

Heist at the Museum!

FBI Academy

Picture is not of the actual room.

Picture is not of the actual room.

Game Length:  60 min

# of Players: 4 to 8

Success Rate: 50%

Record Time: 20:48

Team Name: Dolphins are just Kewl Sharks

Game Length:  60 min

# of Players: 2 to 8

Success Rate: 65%

Record Time:  29:38

Team Name:  Victorious Secret

Currently Taking New Recruits!

You’ve finally been accepted ... now you have to prove yourself!  The FBI director is looking for the best of the best in new recruits.  He has instructed us to reduce the full day test for today’s recruits, and has given you only one hour to attempt to pass it.  We will test you on every ability required of FBI agents.  Complete this assignment before time runs out and you are guaranteed to be the newest member of the FBI!

It's a classic case of mistaken identity!  You have been wrongfully arrested and convicted of murder, and you're now on death row.  You only have one hour left to try and find a way to escape... before you're off to the electric chair!

Picture is not of the actual room.


Picture is not of the actual room.

Prison Break

Haunted Hotel

Game Length:  60 min

# of Players: 2 to 6

Success Rate: 85%

Record Time: 30:06

Team Name: The Boo Crew

 You’ve booked a nice getaway at a historic hotel.  Your group is informed upon arrival that there is only one room left, room 13!  They tell you that it is a wonderful room; however, there have been rumors that the room is haunted.  Some people even claim their friends and family have vanished after staying in the room.  Those are of course just rumors, no truth to them whatsoever!  Rest assured: it is one of our nicest rooms… we guarantee you will never want to leave!!

The world’s most notorious criminal has hired you and your crew to steal a painting so that he can sell it to the highest bidder.  He has someone on the inside who can give you one hour to pull off the crime of the century.  Oh, I almost forgot: the painting you have to steal is the Mona Lisa!  Work together and escape with the painting to earn a $5 million dollar payday, or get caught and it’s off to prison.

Game Length:  60 min

# of Players: 2 to 8

Success Rate: 35%

Record Time: 40:04

Team Name: Technical Difficulties